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The anniversary of N's passing is soon upon us, if I haven't already missed it. It's hard to believe it's been three years now. If I'm having difficulty accepting that, I'm sure his parents and sister have it worse. My heart goes out to them each year as the leaves lazily drift to the ground. It's my reminder, that visual, though I know he wouldn't want me to dwell on what was. In fact, he'd yell at me for doing that.

So what I'm about to relate is probably the result of his guiding hand, as he was an amazingly social--to my wildly anti-social--being. Roughly a week or so ago, I was musing on autumn and how one of the most beautiful holidays I've ever taken was to New York/New England in early October, the sheer purpose of which was to attend N's farewell service. Sad occasion or no, it brought a smile to my face as I remembered all of the shenanigans of my exchange year, when I first met N and when he became a substantial part of my personal folklore. It dawned on me that it'd been a while since I last tried to search for any Rotex ("Rotards," as N called us) from that year, so I logged onto the 'evil' which is Facebook and went searching.

This wasn't my first time in doing so. As I said, it'd been a long time since last I made the effort. But the last time I tried, I could only locate one of them and only through a picture. No contact information was present on the page and, given that I was looking at a website for a friary, I was hesitant to write to them and tell them I was looking for a long-lost friend. If you're confused, let me add how wildly inappropriate it may be for a friary to receive a letter from a female in search of a distant male friend ...

Facebook proved to be the anchor it always is in such cases. Not only did two Rotex from my year turn up, but so did said friend, once more ensconced in Colorado life and loving it. We reconnected via telephone on Tuesday night. The catching up was wonderful! A face-to-face reunion is in order.